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entence touched the girl. They smiled at each other. The picture is fixed here, and I am very touched. This is the love between friends. It reminds me of the third: Who will remember the day of May 12th - Wenchuan earthquake of magnitude 8.0, shattered the house and collapsed. The bridge has shocked the world, and it has also hurt a lot of Chinese hearts. The motherland has mobilized all over the world. The overseas Chinese have been connected to each other mokingusacigarettes.com. A sea of ??warmth and love has flooded the disaster area. People from all over the world donate money to the disaster areas. The day has risen and never stopped, and the love from all sides has never stopped. The earthquake did not collapse, and the disaster had great love. The picture is parked here. I believe that many people have been hit by a lot of deep inside when they saw the ruins everywhere in Wenchuan. The scene of life and death Marlboro Gold, the scene of blood and blood, not only touched China, but also shocked the world. It stirred my soul and moved me. I finally understood that love is simple, just because we think it is trivial and not worth doing Online Cigarettes. The world is not lacking in love, but the act of lacking love, which will make it a bit more bleak and less warm sunshine. I am just an appreciator. I can only feel the world with my own eyes, but I am willing to try to say the flying "love" that I feel in my eyes. The world in my eyes is a world full of love. Chapter 5: The World in My Eyes For a student who is sitting at a desk and working hard all day, the most familiar thing is undoubtedly his own small square, a table, a chair, a few What is the book, therefore, people who are only concerned about the desktop of their own side for a long time, must have no knowledge, such as the frog at the bottom of the well, until they have seen the vastness of the outside world, they know how to be small before they marvel. Therefore, it is necessary to see the world outside. The recent "The World in My Eyes" theme activity of the class has given us such a good opportunity. Students have the opportunity to introduce their holiday experiences to the students. This is a very valuable opportunity for us. Activities can not only exercise our ability to express, but also broaden our horizons, so that we can no longer be confined to our poor and poor world of thought. This kind of activity can make us from the dead of only reading. Get out of the way and get to know the world outside, so this kind of activity is very beneficial to us. The world in our eyes is colorf
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