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cience is actually in life, not far from us. The book "Touch Science" tells us a lot of scientific reasons. The most impressive article in this book is probably the theory of the sun. Sun, everyone should be familiar. Look up a little and you can see. Fireballs hung in the air like waves of warm, dazzling light. The sun is covering the earth, the golden sun is sprinkled on the face, like mother's gently stroking you, hugging you into her warm arms. However, although the sun is beautiful and the sun is dazzling, at the same time, they are inconspicuous. Except for the heavy night, the sun can be seen almost at any time. The warm sun in spring; the hot sun in summer; the lazy sun in autumn; and the soft sun in winter. Because of this, people ignore it, its beauty, its role, its focus Newport Cigarettes Coupons, solar watches, etc. Wait. Solar energy is the energy produced by the continuous nuclear fusion process inside the sun Marlboro Red. With endless energy in the sun, this solves a major problem that people must face up to today-the energy crisis. When people exclaimed-the "oil crisis" occurred in the world, people began to strengthen support for the development of solar energy and other renewable energy technologies, and set off a wave of solar energy development. Today, solar energy can be said to have become an energy that cannot be ignored in people's lives, and people rely on it for survival. It can be said that it gives people the guarantee of a happy life. The wind breeze blows away the clouds, the sun smiles happily Wholesale Cigarettes, and the warm sunlight is sprinkled on the earth. Now I think it ��s really ashamed. Before reading Touch Science, I could n��t get any interest in science, a science full of fun. I find it boring and tedious. The long scientific conclusion is like an ant crawling over my head, and when I see it, I feel dizzy. But after watching Touch Science, I immediately became interested in science. It's such a book��help you activate your deep interest in science, learn by doing, learn by doing, lock those knowledge and conclusions firmly in your head, and you can't forget the yearning. It's such a book-lively, interesting, simple, easy-to-use, fun and rewarding experiments will definitely make you addicted. It's such a book-instead of forcing you to rigid conclusions, let you do it yourself, use your own brain, experience science in person, discover science actively, and gradually enter the exciting science palace. Isn't it that interest is needed for learning, and isn't science fun? This "Touch Science" really turns science into an interesting thing. Science is not mysterious, it is beside everyone, but it is well hidden and requires you to observe and feel with your heart. "Touch Science" has established a strong interest and a good foundation for you, let you "touch" and feel. In order to slowly deepen, find the feeling, and embark on the path of a scientist!
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