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Among the commonly used words in Chinese, the generalization is the strongest. The one that sticks most closely to people and society is probably the word "thing". Things can both refer to and summarize everything, but they are also tangible and not illusory. Things are also one of the words with the most words, such as career, matters, accidents, things, things, deeds, facts, events, affairs, events, affairs, affairs, matters, things, matters, ministry, events, cases ... The person standing in a pictogram looks like "Yu" from the top to the bottom, with a sip in the middle Marlboro Red, which means that people's life is full of toil, toil, and busyness, and to do the explanation of Shuo Wen Jie Zi: things and duties. From history, the provincial sound. History, in charge of clerical records. In the Oracle Bone Inscription, "shi" is the same word as "li", and the original meaning is official office. "Erya" said, things, diligence. Those who live in the world are okay. People are diligent in things, but they also live in the world. Things are like grass, people are like clouds, and people live for the rest of their lives. What is business? Life is one thing after another: state affairs and family affairs, business affairs and private affairs, big things and small things, busy things, new things and old things, good things and bad things, red things and white things, happy things and sad things, real things, fake things, before you Behind the scenes, open and secret things, serious business and miscellaneous things, accidents cover things ... even housework sweeping, buying, washing, washing, rubbing, all under one roof. When one meets an acquaintance on the street, one side often asks, "Is there a lot of things?" One side responds, "There is always something going on from morning till night." It's right when something happens, and it's not necessarily a good thing. Nothing is done and people are finished. It is said that the eunuch Li Lianying of the Qing Dynasty had a famous saying: There is a book that is really rich, and there is nothing to do with the little god. This "nothing" means to be quiet and want to worry less and worry about things. There are things in the eye that are narrow in the three realms, and there is nothing in my heart that is wide. It ��s easy for people to say ��Peace is all right��. Being safe and sound is not without trouble. Things are also "yes". If you do, you don't. If you have the ability, you can do it. Even if you only do one thing in your life, no one will miss it. There is no one in the world who is not in trouble. It is also called "danger". Those who come to the same profession and come together are called colleagues. A terrible accident is called a mess. Cause trouble, conceal the sky and cross the sea with the technique of stabbing Marlboro Lights, called hiding and pushing things. Standing on the side and talking about your feet is called a saying saying: "treat trivial matters and memorize major ones." It means that if a person cares too much about small things and is clever, he will eventually misunderstand big things and lose big profits Newport 100S. See things in the Echidna, can not go in and out, come up and down, only receive tickets, do not see things. Nothing matters, everything in the world, all stories of life can be called things. Things are true to nature, and things can best testify to the character. The so-called seeing people's hearts for a long time is actually "things" for a long time. Do not let things go, do not chase afterwards, do not worry about things, do not worry about miscellaneous things, it is the way of doing things, rules and proportions. Doing nothing kind is wrong, and doing nothing wrong is the bottom line. Dare to take responsibility when things happen, be prudent when it comes to doing things, and decide things by day. The governor is man-made. See no profit, do not panic when things happen, half cold eyes, a heart. It is a very high state of life to deal with nothing with a willing heart, and to have something with a willing heart. The big things test the realm, the small things test the cultivation, and the small things cannot be ignored. Do things when you have something. Being able to do things is a capability, a style, a style, a person in a state organ is called a clerk, a street is an office, a resident agency is called an office, and "Serving the people" is on the wall The plaque allows "people" to come and go as they please, and the people inside not only make people feel kind, but also do things really well. In some places, the door is difficult to enter, the face is ugly, the words are unpleasant, and things are naturally difficult to do. The door, face, and words seem to have an inevitable relationship with whether things are done or not. The words must be heard. Nowadays, ordinary people are talking about officials, and they are talking about "things". What do you think? Just to see if he does something. See what good and practical things he has done for the people as an official. Otherwise, people will tell him "something"
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