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ingle Bell, Jingle Bell ... "The alarm clock rang, I immediately" jumped "from the bed, and ran to the study without wearing socks, and saw the packed suitcase before I settled down. Because today, our family Zi is going to travel to Nha Trang, Vietnam. At three o'clock in the afternoon, my father and mother got on the bus and went to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Because this is the first time I took a plane, I was very excited along the way. After two After more than an hour ��s drive, we finally arrived at the airport. I sat on the suitcase and turned round and round, and that kind of happiness seemed to have the world. After arriving at the airport, we checked in the luggage. Just go to eat. Entering the waiting area, there is a large "peach blossom tree", there is also a place for ancient poems and people to take pictures! At ten o'clock in the evening Marlboro Gold, we began to board the plane, the boarding stairs are like a " The caterpillar "goes straight through the" belly "of the plane. On the plane I carefully searched for our seats. Ah! Here! Immediately, I saw the airport staff put our luggage in the plane from the window of the plane Bring, brought into the cabin. "Ah! That is my suitcase. "I shook my mother's arm in excitement. Soon the plane slipped onto the runway Marlboro Red. The captain was speaking Vietnamese in the radio. I was lying in the window and saw red and white lights flashing above the wing, Mother said: "This is a beacon light, to remind pilots of other aircraft to be safe, and the whole voyage will flash like this. "When I was talking to my mother, the plane suddenly moved, and the speed is getting faster and faster. I know that it indicates that the plane is ready to take off. It feels like" whoop ", the plane is off the ground, towards The sky "runs". The plane is flying higher and higher, and the night view over a few thousand kilometers can be described as stunning. A large piece of gravel-like light dots form the "starry sky", which makes people unable to bear to take out their phones Under this beautiful scene. After a while, the flight attendants and flight attendants handed us the water and sandwich set meal. I thought the plane meal would be unpalatable. Sleepy, I entered my dream in my mother ��s arms. All the lights in the cabin turned on, and the flight attendants collected garbage. The broadcast alternately played Vietnamese and Chinese Cheap Cigarettes, telling us that the plane was about to land in Bud Zhuang Airport, let us fasten our seat belts and put away the small table in front of me. I looked out the window and the plane was getting closer and closer to the ground ... A slight tremor told me that the plane had landed. The plane was on After taxiing down the road for a while, it stopped steadily. After getting off the plane, we lined up with the passport and visa to the customs of Nha Trang. Because there were too many people, we waited for nearly two hours. Customs, after taking the luggage, we got on the bus to the hotel. After checking in, we dragged our tired body into the room, and we slept very well tonight. The experience of flying this time made me grow. A lot of knowledge has also gained insight. It is really better to read thousands of books than to travel thousands of miles
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