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Leaf jade tiger at a loss what to do, the Fen Fen calls a way:"Feed, the leave falls off need not to pack so to be like?I basically useless dint!"
The black super member of team surge forward to come and blame a leaf in succession the jade tiger start cruel, don't obey ground morals.He this pushes, two years two classes of many people also saw, tiger at ordinary times isn't a good temper, action so obvious, most likely is to overcome not to live, personal square indefensible fore, the nobody dares to talk for him.As for first head that is a face one ball, the other party be very likely to be mistake to kick, who let your leaf didn't the jade tiger stay away?Affirmation is get one ball, nurse regret in the heart just do like this.
Liao learns a soldier to blow to ring whistle to run over there, Gao Gao raises a red card:"The malice harms a person, immediately end!"
The leaf jade tiger vomited spittle, the mental state was extreme suppress, helpless have to run to be present bottom, the facial expression metal graily stares at a square to sign a house.
Beginning however three minutes, two years 2 classes already have one person be punished bottom, break the balance on the field.Square sign a Hun if have no the matter ground climb, 1:00 had no just that kind of to make public sour pain and sufferings, two years 2 classes see all take one toward the visions of leaf jade tiger silk sympathetic toward suddenly realize and also cut up rough more at the same time, dark hate the baseness of opponent.
Four eyes of field the side view war hate to fall off camera on the lawn, Nu way:"They must be conspire with teacher Liao okay!How can this ball kick?Teacher Liao how please arrive such a live tortoise?"
The leaf jade tiger was wiped to wipe perspiration with the towel and said:"I will definitely kill him."
This eliminates that to grow, black super brigade offensive violent difficult be, two classes of all the turtle shrunk into F square's half time, bear with a wildly bombing of the enemy over deep-fried, shoot ball at goal one after another, football became basketball, black super brigade as long as would like to, can natural and unrestrainedly slam down at any time.
The Cui government cries out, the what a mess degree of circumstance far and far is more than his imagination, absolutely isn't in the same Class with opponent, he doesn't stop a top and bottom to run, the hot skin flicks sweat and wets dress Jin, situation since vehemence urgent again be depressed suffered, he has no time to have regard for an another affair and whole heartedly throws in a game.
Wang Long Yu cries to have no tears:Does this kind of situation return how to direct?I what use does this temporary coach have?The black super member of team control ball to be up to 75% for time, oneself can occasionally run into ball have already been regarded as technique over Be getting harder.
Square sign a dress Shan to flaunt, the activity is like breeze, who don't dare to touch him as well, who touch him leave fall off, does anyway counterfeit assize Liao learn a soldier to side with, lane not come to ascend a red card again, does this ball still use to kick?
The field bore then thinks in black super eighth one person defends the member of team to two classes of 3 and plays turn round and round, ladle, wear file, leave action, really don't go hard bump, the body condition puts here and allow who dare small Qu.Even once three member of team are bumped to fly at the same time, he but Hun if have no thing.
What be called adult to humiliate a kid, this football game has already done the best annotation and wants to knead your face to knead your face and wants to play your chick chicken to play your chick chicken, basically having no ability can resist, anyway is a lump of dough regiment and allow to rub.
If have who play a computer game, though game again Jing, appearance again beautiful, but difficulty too big, as long as the person appears and then hangs, who still have interest to continue to keep on playing?Together is this truth, two years 2 classes after throwing four balls, have already lost basic will to fight, if Yuan the lamb treated to kill tightly pouts and has patience a degree to decline to a lowest front line.
Liao learns a soldier to follow football while running, but insolently cachinnation:"The classmates, the life is like a forcible rape, if can not resist, shut eyes to enjoy!"
The Cui government hates to almost bite off a tooth, big pant way:"Li Yu in, clock Bai, knead to explode their egg eggs!Is quick!Is quick and pass me to the ball!"
But the nobody responds to, many people all think:"Drag along through these several ten minutes, I am to be enjoying."
Week Anne is used as to close substituting of Mu cloud to make up deficiencies a field, be over a long period of time discriminated against in the class group outside of he cent outside work harder, flee up flee bottom, far farseeing arrive the ball hurtled up,

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