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I and leaf littlely the cooperation is always all very smooth.If words probably.Nature is want to continue to keep on cooperating."The shell gram is loose to say.Then lightly sighed tone:"It is regrettable.I lightly talk at family of Teng tiny.Really help not and up what favour."
"I want ~only understand you ground viewpoint good.The gram is loose.You ground is the greed enough big?"
Greed?Is enough big?
Shell gram the ground that is loose to have a short moment is astounded.Don't know leaf why for autumn the meeting suddenly asks so ground problem.
"You once said.Today May you will and the Teng wife and children elder sister get married?Start that time.You want at Teng house to send out you ground voice."
"The leaf is little.It is very difficult."The shell gram is loose to sigh a way.
"If did the Teng jade die?"The leaf autumn voice mildly says.But fall into a telephone that of shell gram loose ear inside, but undoubtedly is that the sky decline surprised thunder.
"He----How can die?"
"Because we want him to die."The autumn of the leaf is some extremely conceited of say."Stop worrying, I will help yours.Teng house will be your Teng house."
The leaf arrives at the first matter of company autumn everyday, is taking Lyu Biao and Anne to protect an a few framework members to go around and inspect some kind of Tang's mansions.
Zhang Zhan raises in the leaf protecting of autumn after resigning under, Lyu Biao became Anne to protect a vice- director.Anne's protecting the captain of two brigades is served as by Lin Chong, this boy is a troops to probe a soldier down ground, the ability is very outstanding.The Lyu Biao's loyalty is crude and uncivilized.Lin Chong is clever delicate.After leaf leaves autumn, 2 people go together with to put together to be very quite good.
And Tang Guo nearby still has Anne to protect one brigade these superior protection, the small white will also render assistance in the outer circle.Should be able to deal with of some occurrence of special circumstances.
"Impregnable fortress.Our Tang absolutely can be treated as the steel wall iron wall."Lyu Biao says with a smile in the behind.
"The equipments is dead.The person is live.Want to walk more.Persistence early, medium, late three directs patroled while patroling and protecting the not certain of the member with Anne.Just can promise the Tang's safety so."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
Looking at Lyu Biao and Lin Chong, leaf autumn the language center of gravity Be long ground of to say:"After, the Tang's safety fell on you.All of you are what I with meticulous care pick outs, hoping don't make me disappoint."
"Stop worrying a director.We will definitely protect good Tang.Say again, the Tang not necessarily so will have what important event as well.We will be vigilant and defend Be suffered from to an end however."Lin Chong says with a smile.
"Hey Hey, director.Shine on me to say, our Tang defends of stiller strict solid than the United States Pentagon.In addition to they drive airplane to bump to come over, or.Who don't also want to do what hand and foot.How do I feel that the director's language head isn't right?Does the director want to walk?"The Lyu Biao doubt ground asks a way.
"Walk?Walk where go to?Where still have our Tang good?Do I doubt that our leaf's director is again rising sharply?"Pair captain Luo Be pure to smile to flatter.
The autumn of the leaf squints the Jing station's doorway in the Tang's mansion, the Yang rises the face of 45 degrees to look at this to reach to the sky of mansion, wish, this time, also really need to leave.For the sake of oneself, for refusing to close eyes in death a ground of person, also still just make great effort for himself for the sake of those struggling person.
Again think of oneself the first time came to the Tang be blocked by the public security of scene, not from get the break into laughter voice come.
Life be so, what stuff at you fidgety of time .Experienced before of fine woulded be you to take out a small and soft seasoning benefit for tasting.
Tang Guo, Chen Mo Nong and Lin Bao Er there is also blue apartment, these thing day after day of the Suo round in brain of leaf autumn.
One day there will, they will come back.It is certain.
After the office clerk dining room once had Chinese food, leaf the autumn have already beaten voice hello to Lyu Biao, then driven car to go out.
Want to obtain the fifth right of control, will be advanced to go into fifth squad.Oneself father, leaf, was heavy to is such in those early years, Yan pleasant breeze is also such.
But the talented person selection of fifth squad is very scathing.Generally win election to choose an excellent into from each special forces, the violet squad is most direct to the fifth squad input fresh blood ground place.Several captains of fifth squad all from the violet squad in walk out.
So.The square one of leaf autumn is to get into violet squad.But get into a key factor of violet squad then on a women.

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