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The south gulf reservoir, an eye could not hope the broad lake noodles of side next light is scaly appearance in the shining in glory of sunlight.Although just early spring.The weather in the Yan city is still cold, but in former days of ice snow have been already melted.Last time come sticky the lousy mire living person's shoes and felloe also Be getting more withered, trample at top very hard Luo feet.
The autumn of the leaf hasn't arrived of time, from a distance see a car stopping in the reservoir edge.The shadow of human figure Qiao in a black signs by the side of the reservoir and looking at lake noodles stunned.
Come to a stop the car, leaf autumn one face apology of to waited not to know how long of river Yan is purple to walk to, say:"It is sorry.Road up traffic jam.Tightly rush through to slowly rush through, or make you be getting more leading."
River Yan is purple to cast away the cigarette bud in the hand ground up, again from the pocket in take out the cigarette case in jade white, just Tao the smoke filled into a mouth, but was stood at after death of leaf autumn a to take off pass by.
"I suddenly also wanted to smoke."Ye Qiu says, again from the river Yan's purple hand in connect intemperate machine.Put into the female type smoke that rob down from the river Yan's purple mouth mouth, after sparking smoke, without extra trouble throw into the fire machine in the hand reservoir inside.
River Yan is purple drive leaf there are some very intimate actions in the autumn some disorder for making.Being very not easy can calmly take no cognizance the smoke that he once tainted with he's saliva to fill into the action in the mouth, again does Diao a smoke wait useful fire machine to order smoke in the mouth, but hear bang a , he give°ed own fire machine to throw.
River Yan purple Leng along while, just depressed of dismantle the smoke in the mouth to fill into cigarette case again, say:"What do you seek my stem?"
Want today in fact don't meet river Yan with leaf autumn purple hesitate well long-term.After woods affairs, her mood the equanimity don't come down any further.That some embarrassed appearances always continuously reflect into brain and turn over to reply go to of present.
She was a virgin, not touched by any men.
The autumn of the leaf almost gropes for her body a time for the sake of the treatment.Matter like this, how can she forget?
She knows that the person whom oneself loves is that father, leaf, of leaf autumn is heavy.More than 20 years, have never changed.Don't know what is the row son, can always easily give two people's figure heavy to match now.
They are father and sons.The felling like this makes her have the shame feeling to grow to commit incest.
River Yan is purple utterly confused, each one seeks the member of team whom she challenges are all beaten by her of ten day, the half month climbs not to get up.The member of team of violet squad all say that she arrived menopause, but no one dares again to seek her list to pick.
Originally saying don't meet again.But see a leaf for autumn of telephone after, she still came.
Treat at the time that leaf weighed, she had been being doing moth to rush toward the silly matter of fire.
Treat his son still such?Don't so not keep on accounting keeping on of result?
God, you a make the torch burning the dead I.
"I want to get into violet squad."The autumn of the leaf calmly says.To this woman, he doesn't need mental reservation.Ye Qiu knows that she even if can't help himself/herself, can't harm oneself as well.
Unexpectedly the old daddy who has never met is so marvelous, unexpectedly after dying can also make a women love him for several decades.
H'm, have me current manner.
The violet facial expression is one Jiang, obviously didn't thought of that the leaf will make a request like this for autumn.Ask a way:"Why?"
"Because I want to get into fifth squad.And, I want to be similar toward my father and become the captain of fifth squad."The autumn of the leaf says.
The violet doesn't have instant answer, again habitual of from the cigarette case in draw out a smoke to fill into mouth.After thinking of to have no fire machine, seeing of You hatred leaf for autumn one eye, again the smoke is from the lips to took down.
See river Yan purple is hesitating, the leaf autumn says:"Only get into fifth squad, can untie fan's regiment that my father died in those early years.This not is also that do you hope to see?This has because of then willing have a fruit in the world.You loved my father to love for more than 20 years, there was no result.Investigate the fan of those early years for 20 years, there is also no result., Don't you really want a fruit?"
Fold the smoke that clips in hand two, river Yan is purple to say:"Welcome to join violet squad.You can seek me to report at any time."

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