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Wang Jian Han's attendant in facing to come over says:"I have already ordered a pack take us to arrive a green jade water Ge."
"Okay.Severals please."The stewardess politely says.
A group of people is arranged into one pack in the big pack of is a set of.The outside is a saloon.Have the sand to receive guest and provide the person with various fresh tea-leaf for choosing by oneself.The left side is a fish tank that giantly appreciate a view in keep "rich brocade food fish".The fish tank flank is a cocktail cabinet.In put full the feast for the eyes is various imported spirits and white spirit of each kind.
Lee does and other bodyguards be arranged in the outside.Even if Lin Cang Lan then be the brothers to them.Their would not liking to sit, either friend's party of bothering the superior is here.Lin Cang Lan woulds not like to force them, either.Know to make them sit to is on the contrary a kind of molestation here.
"Everyone is getting more hungry.It is direct to serve."Wang Han waves hand to say.
"BE.Please slightly wait."The stewardess echoes to promise.Then towarded the interphone of collar of dress to order severals.Very quickly various food the flowing water generally sent
What Wang Jian Han roared with laughter says:"Eldest brother.The autumn of the leaf.There is also treasure son.We are family.I also at enmity with you are getting more polite.All of vegetableses are what I orders.It is the card vegetables of this place."
The autumn of the leaf has much of good will to Wang Jian Han.This childe's elder brother and other personses have a very great dissimilarity.It is reasonable and easy to get along with.And behavior's working to have no other childes that kind of is a past do self-contained or past do condescension of affected of Tai.
Ye Qiu knows to use what kind of way and this kind of person associate.Start to carry the white spirit of in front.Say:"The vegetables assists to anticipate.The wine is a main meal.Come.We do one cup."
"Good.The autumn of the leaf.I like you.Come.Toast.Still say that sentence.Don't inebriate not to return tonight."
Indeed as expected.The words of leaf autumn are the appetite to Wang Jian Hans.Wang Jian Han carries the wine of in front and leaf after autumn touch together.Then the Yang rises neck one stem but exert.
The autumn of the leaf laughs behind one's backs.Is afraid to ascend you to really need to stay in this hole tonight.
Wang Jian Han doesn't seek a leaf to put together.The autumn comes not to refuse.Toasting is then dry.Feelings is deep.One mouthful.Feelings is shallow.Lick.2 people's feelings also in the cup interleave fly soon of exhibition.Before return the name that each other calls the other party.Turn Wang Jian Han and then start calling leaf"two elder brothers"ses for autumn.
Because Lin Cang Lan is 3 people to be biggest.But leaf the autumn arrange the second.Wang Jian Han who sees to behaviour and manner in dealing with others all have much of proper restraint in autumn eyes at the leaf only has 22 years old.Is also an of least among 3 people.
Wang Jian Han inebriates smoked smoked of uprising.Shake in hand of carry one wine.Wine water still continuously of the spillage come.Moreover a hand supports table.Book wears a tongue to say:"I say----Is big-two elder brothers.We can together drink today----Is also there is.And.I and two elder brothers a see----That such as past."
"I have a proposal.We----Knot not as today as for dead brothers.Hereafter there is a blessing having been already enjoyed.BE difficult----I come to be.Ha ha.Open a fun.Treasure son.What do you stare my stem again?-~Our knot is a different clan surname brothers.There is a blessing together enjoying.It is difficult to together be.Two elder brothers.How do you feel?"
Wang Jian Han eyes turn around on the leaf and the face of Lin Cang Lan after.The full face expects of looking at two of them.
Leaf the autumn in the mind is tiny to move but have no hasty declare
Lin Cang Lan saw an eye a leaf the autumn saying:"The leaf is my brother-in-law.Thus can't the meeting have some neither foul nor fish?"
"Is afraid of?Is each with each call.The brother-in-law is also a brothers."Wang Jian Han says.
"It is all right."Lin Cang Lan nods to say.
"I agree."The autumn of the leaf this just makes a noise to talk.

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